Cains quest prizes

Cains quest prizes

Cain's Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race. This year's prize purse totals $,, ($50, for first place, $30, for second and $20, for third) but for. If you want to learn more about the difference between Pro and Trail class, more about the rules and regulations, the conditions you're likely to face, or anything. Cain's Quest is a true northern adventure that gives racers the experience of a life time as they traverse the Labrador wilderness.

Cains quest prizes -

It varies from year to year. Do teams have to follow a selected route between checkpoints? Are teams timed and if so how? Keep up to date by subscribing: Do participants have to purchase their own gas?

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  • The prize purse will remain at $,, with the teams competing for a...
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Cains quest prizes

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Let The Adventure Begin

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CQTV 2016 Cain's Quest at the FINISH Line from Tanya Lake, Labrador City STICKY CHEWY MESSY GOOEY

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How many tracking units per team? They're ready for another attempt. They were in a remote part of Quebec when the engine blew and it took them 18 hours to get back to civilization. Racers push body and machine to the limits in an all out race to the finish for a shot at a hefty prize purse. Daniel Bodin has beaten his freestyle rivals Colten Moore and Heath Frisby to the first successful Cains quest prizes backflip in history on a custom built sled. British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba.

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  1. At km of high energy racing in , this race is the longest race of its kind in the world and promises to keep race fans on the edge of their seat.

  2. It takes place every two years and this year, 30 teams from all over Canada have signed up.

  3. This name represents the adventure the race promises to be and captures the essence of the land that hosts it.

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